• Northern Bear: Not So Grizzly Now

    Disclosure: I have an interest in Northern Bear shares NTBR_Numbers Northern Bear is a small, northern English building services firm traded on AIM.

    To understand any business, you need to understand a little about the history. Northern Bear was, as was often the case in the good old days, cobbled together with flowing money and attractive public markets. Several construction-related groups joined forces to create a platform company, with the intention of buying further complementary businesses and scaling up the combined group. Isoler, Roof Truss, Springs Roofing and Wensley Roofing all joined forces to create Northern Bear, which floated in late 2006. Whether they would have made a success of their acquisition strategy is difficult to say, because they got a pretty short pop at it before the recession crashed the party. Debt-financed purchases were out. Anything construction related was definitely out. In some senses they weren't so dissimilar from Judges in that they planned to provide exits for small, owner-operated building services firms at attractive multiples for the group. A key difference is that they were rolling up a market which saw swingeing cuts in spending in 2008-2009, and thus necessitated a complete change of strategy. (more…)