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  • Judges Scientific: Two Steps Forward

    Disclosure: I have an interest in Judges Scientific shares

    I last wrote about Judges Scientific about 6 months ago, in May. There, I laid out the case for why I think it is one of the best companies on AIM, and why I thought the price was undervaluing both the business as it stands and, more importantly, the potential for the management team to continue enriching shareholders through their well-worn acquisitive strategy.

    The day before that post, the price of Judges shares was £17.40. Today, the price stands at £15. In this post I will walk through what has happened in the interim, along with an updated valuation. The short summary is that the group has reported good news on order book, the best leading indicator of sales we have, and has proven that the latest acquisition they have completed was still as accretive as in previous years. It is thus both cheaper and more valuable.

    A quick recap of the elevator pitch: the company buys small, niche scientific instruments businesses as they come to the end of their private lives. They then let these companies run with a great deal of autonomy, with the central hub's main purpose being capital allocator for future deals. This is interesting for three reasons:

    • The UK has a large number of small scientific instruments companies due to the existence of world-class education institutions. Smart people find a niche that needs to be satisfied, and start a business to satisfy it.
    • Said businesses have superb characteristics - exceptionally high margins (Judges runs at 20%+ on a consolidated level), low incremental capital employed - and hence excellent cash flow profiles, and tailwinds from increasing global research and education spending (China is a big boost to this). They typically export the majority of their revenues and have limited meaningful competition.
    • Judges is small enough to buy the small ones and still have them move the needle. They can hence provide a home for excellent businesses while still being picky about price.

  • Judges Scientific: A Textbook on Value Creation

    Disclosure: I have an interest in Judges Scientific shares  


    Judges Scientific - in your author's humble opinion - is one of the best companies on AIM. How do we define 'best'?

    Here's the share price performance over the last 10 years, overlayed with the normalised diluted earnings-per-share. The first measure shows how the market perceives the company. The second shows their delivery in growing shareholder wealth in a more tangible way.


    As the caption at the bottom shows you, Judges has a phenomenal track record. I spend most of my waking hours looking for companies that compound wealth in this way, and I don't find many. Assuming that the history of the company has whetted your appetite, we'll go a step deeper. (more…)