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A reader emailed asking about the current stocks in the portfolio, a slight omission on my website since I got rid of the rather finicky portfolio page. I am working on something to spruce it up a little – it seems a bit silly to have started a blog with the hope of drawing ideas from around the web and opening ideas up to scrutiny and to then not make it obvious what you’re currently holding! That’s particularly important since I’ve moved a lot of things around recently and got rid of some of the lower conviction stocks in the portfolio.

Anyway, below I’ve collected the 13 stocks in my portfolio and arranged them by percentage holdings, along with the few scraps of cash left in the kitty.

My somewhat arbitrary market cap measurements show a bigger weight towards the upper end of the spectrum than I would have anticipated when starting this blog. I’m not seasoned enough to guess at why that might be, beyond saying that I know I feel more comfortable investing in the slightly larger companies than those right at the lower end of the spectrum. Barratt Developments makes up the majority of the largest band, even after recently having to sell a number of the shares to buy Trinity Mirror. For those who like things to be neat, I sold about as many Barratt shares as I bought when I topped up last year – I bought at 116p, rebought at 80p, they dropped further to 60p, and the subsequent rise to the current level – about 150p – gave me a little too much exposure to one stock.

I don’t really care much for pruning or trading. I look to see where prices are at, and when things have a) risen substantially from where I bought or b) material new information has come to light that may change my opinion of its valuation (most obviously, annual reports) I take another look. Lookers is up about 40% from my purchase price, and Howden are up a similar amount – against a market decline in the period in question – so those are due for a review . A note to myself as much as to you!

A short one, but hopefully that clarifies things!

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  1. David

    Great post.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about market caps and so forth since value can be found anywhere. Well done on Barrett and buying on the way down. I’m not yet in a position to publicise my portfolio yet. Like you I’m not into trading although I used to be not so long ago!



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