Populating the Portfolio

And so it begins! The first step for a budding virtual fund manager, I suppose, is to actually fill the portfolio with your chosen stocks. I don’t have any hard and fast rules as I think it’ll be better to consider every investment on its individual merits, but that obviously doesn’t mean I’ll buy just any cheap share that pops up on the screen.

The basis:

-100,000 (hypothetical) pounds

-No fee-waiving; commission and 0.5% stamp duty deducted from purchases

The investments will be entirely in shares, though some of the portfolio may be held as cash at any given time. The FTSE All-Share will be the index used for comparison, as it’s the broadest-based index given my broad base portfolio – I have no self-imposed rules specifying the type of my investment like most real funds do.

The next few posts will be my thoughts on the building blocks of my portfolio. I’m aiming for the start of July as the ‘grand unveiling’ and the point I’ll begin tracking its performance, so I have exactly a month from now to get it all together.

Game on!

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    • EV

      Thanks Mark, I’ll definitely take a look. I was thinking about Google Finance, as that seemed to have nice features, but in hindsight I’ve read a fair few good articles on Stockopedia so that may make logical sense.

      Will take a look. Soon I’ll need to start actually putting everything in, so should have that sorted in the next couple of weeks!

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